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Welcome and thanks for visiting LFC.me (formerly LiverpoolFootball.org).

So you don’t have to go scouring the vast depths of the internet just to find a decent read, we’ve curated and maintained the web’s preeminent resource for finding the most engaging content about Liverpool Football Club: the original Liverpool FC Blog Directory, launched in December 2011.

It was launched on LiverpoolFootball.org, the domain name that this site was founded upon (read the back story about this site; read about our move to lfc.me – more memorable and conveniently shorter).

Whatever ails you: Whether you’re bored at work, it’s just the annual summertime depression we all experience due to a general lack of Liverpool FC in our lives, or if you’re just looking to read great content about LFC, we’ve got you covered in the blog directory.

Need something to listen to on the train? Feel like putting your earbuds in and getting away? We’re also home to the most comprehensive directory of Liverpool FC podcasts — another original, which we’ve been curating for a few years now.

If you know of a blog or podcast that isn’t listed, but you think should be, please get in touch or drop me a line on Twitter.

You’ll Never Walk Alone, Reds.

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