Liverpool 13/14 Kit Release – Away, 3rd Shirts a Mockery

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2013-14 Liverpool FC Home Shirt by Warrior

Image Credit: Liverpool Football Club, © 2013


LFC and Warrior have officially unveiled our home kit for the 2013/14 season (pictured right), and they look relatively smart.

As a matter of fact, I really like the home shirt – classy with a touch of retro. The squad will look sharp playing at Anfield, which is a necessity.

LFC 2013/14 Away & Third Shirts – Horrific, Horrible, Horrendous, and Hopeless

And now onto the reported away and third kits for 13/14 from Warrior – unless my eyes are deceiving me, these things are the height of hideousness.

If I were a player, I’d be kind of embarrassed to play in these terribly unfashionable, 90’s era designs. These shirts are a stone’s throw from being sold on the same rack as crazy pants [see striking similarity below].

LFC's 2013/14 Third Jersey Compared to Crazy Pants

Images used in my terrible Photoshop job:                                 

I mean, am I right or am I right on this?

If these are the actual shirts as is suspected, Warrior obviously won’t sell jack all when it comes to the away & third shirts.

Of course, you’ll have the nominal amount of 90’s aficionados and those who just don’t care and will purchase anyway, but they’re going to see a severe drop off in the number of away and third jerseys sold.

Some Twitter responses…

whoever designed LFC’s away kit and third kit should jump off a bridge.. they’re so UGLY

— Laura (@_majeddy) June 3, 2013
HOPEFULLY this next tweet is gospel…

Just seen this, apparently its our away kit next year. Hope so cz its a smashing lookin kit in my opinion. #ynwa #lfc…

— Aaron Malcolm (@Aaron_LFC_85) June 2, 2013


For goodness’ sake, back to the drawing board, Warrior! The shirts are the definition of terrible! Just see the results of my completely made-up survey below…

LFC Supporters' Feelings on 2013/14 Away & Third Kits by Warrior (Fake Poll)

Above: Official unofficial results of completely made-up survey regarding Liverpool FC supporters regarding the release of the 2013/14 away and third kits.


Hopefully this is just a massive joke that Warrior and LFC are playing and we’ve all jumped the gun. Or, maybe they’re just training tops for the new season, which would be a small miracle. That being said, I’m turning this article into a petition of sorts in case they do attempt to unload this shite on us…

If these are actually our shirts, we’re going to be stuck with these disgusting away and third kits forever, and I think we have the right to challenge. Speak your mind below in the Facebook comments – I’m setting this up as a petition. Let’s speak out and save our players from having to walk onto away pitches in embarrassment.


Aug 12, 2015 UPDATE: Considering the wild ride of a season we had in those shirts, I guess they’re not that bad. Indulge yourself with 10 amazing stats from the 2013/14 campaign.