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I’m happy to announce that we’ve completed the transition to our shorter, more memorable domain name:

We appreciate your patience as we complete the transition. Some of the old content will be unavailable until we’re able to import, format & publish the legacy pages.

What’s available now…

We’ve completed moving everything that’s going to be moved from the old site. For now, we’ve made the most popular resources from the legacy site available. They currently include…

LFC Podcast Directory

The podcast directory was one of our most popular pages on our old URL, so I made it a point to get it back up as quickly as possible.

Quick link:

LFC Blog Directory

Another popular resource, the blog directory offers a comprehensive, hand-curated list of the best Liverpool FC blogs from around the world.

Quick link:

The Back Story – About

See how an ignorant Yank fell in love with LFC as a teenager and read the history of how came to be.

New Responsive Design for a Better Browsing Experience

I’m VERY happy to report that we’ve upgraded to a responsive design that looks great on all screen sizes. This will optimize the user experience, especially for the visitors on mobile who had difficulty navigating the old site.

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