[VIDEO] Raheem Sterling – “I Don’t Want to be Seen as a Money-Grabbin 20 Year Old”

BBC Sport: Raheem Sterling: Liverpool forward turns down new deal

Screenshot: BBC Sport

Video of Raheem Sterling talking about his new contact talks from Twitter:

We don’t hear the question, but Raheem Sterling says:

“That’s not me at all – money is not everything in my life.”

“I don’t talk about how much cars I’m gonna drive.”

And at 0:44: “I don’t wanna be seen as a money-grabbin’ 20 year old. I just want to be seen as the kid that loves to play football.”


I hope so, man, I really do. Please stay and mature into a dominant English force with all of our young talent.

Please commit to the project…just think of the potential accolades & riches that await.


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